Orange County Choppers Sticker Red

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In stock: black, white, red

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OCC sticker , plotter cut-out - BLACK,RED OR WHITE Sticker sticking procedure * Ideal temperature for sticking is 20°C. If the temperature is lower than 10°C the adhesive adhesion decreases. When gluing in direct sunlight, high temperature may cause the sticker to stretch, deform. * Clean and degrease the surface where you will stick the sticker properly. Spring water is sufficient for degreasing. * Remove the backing paper from the sticker so that you are left with only the silhouette of the sticker on the transfer film. * Stickers of smaller sizes can be glued dry. For better handling we recommend the so-called "wet" method. * For the wet method, moisten the sticking area with a spray bottle of spring water (approx. 20-30 drops per 1 litre of water). When gluing on glass, clean water is sufficient. * When sticking the sticker, it is good to moisten your hands so that the sticker does not stick to your fingers and thus ensure maximum comfort when placing the sticker. * Apply the sticker to the moistened area. Thanks to the wet substrate, you can easily manipulate the sticker and align it to the desired position. * Use any squeegee, ideally a felt squeegee, to smooth out bubbles. We recommend wrapping a plastic or otherwise harder one with a cloth to avoid possible tearing. Banish bubbles from the centre to the edges of the sticker. * After drying (approx. 30-60 minutes), carefully remove the transfer film. * Carefully smooth the sticker once more.

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