You know this show, the Teutul family clan that assembles perhaps the most interesting bikes in the world in Orange County, USA, and the cameras have been there for years. When the premiere episode of American Chopper aired on the Discovery Channel in 2003, it was immediately clear that this was not just another motoring show coming to our screens. Viewers were not only entertained by the fantastic machines, but also by the turbulent relationship between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. It could be likened to a ticking time bomb. Everyone knew it was going to explode one day, but despite that, no one acted in time.

Paul Jr. had a different work style than Sr. and enjoyed different things, which increasingly became a source of acrimonious arguments. Genetics also contributed to the fact that Junior often had to deal with the problems his father went through, who was also unsympathetic. His father's addiction to alcohol and pills, which he had battled for many years, landed his son in rehab at the age of 16! The situation inevitably escalated in 2009 when Teutul Jr. was fired from the family's Orange County Choppers. And because American Chopper never went according to script, the show's producers suddenly had a problem that no one could solve. It seemed that American Chopper had said its final goodbye. We now offer you the products of this world-famous cult brand.

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